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If the Covid-19 epidemic has chilled the catwalks, music venues or music concerts, on the contrary, Covid-19 also warmed the ringtone market with songs fighting with the main … Covid- 19.

Sung A Chin Founder of Best Ringtones Net Media

The lyrical melody and the song praising the hardships and sacrifices of the doctors really touched the listeners, especially through the voice of Sung A Chin. Sung A Chin with her own true feelings from her heart. Sung A Chin emotional voice touched the audience who always treasured the contributions of the doctors.

Sung A Chin Founder of Best Ringtones Net
Sung A Chin Founder of Best Ringtones Net

And earlier this year, a song emerged like that. It is a song called Covid- 19. Composed by the lyrics of composer Sung A Chin from Jealousy, Jealous Covid- 19 is a cheerleading song ordered by the Institute of Health, Occupation and Environment (under the Ministry of Health). Because the song is written in a cheerleading style, the lyrics are very simple, even there are propaganda and motivational sentences such as: “Wash your hands and rub them well / And restricting going to crowded places / Repelling Corona and Corona viruses … ”.

Best Ringtones and the breakthrough from Covid-19

Recently, more than 20 singers have recorded the MV Joining hands together against Corona by ringtones of Sung A Chin. The musician said that the song has the appearance of a We are the World when singers record and sing movement words such as “Corona, Covid-19, causing humankind’s loss. Please hold your hands always towards the world together, sharing the love, hope people escape the epidemic … ”. The songs ringtones above are only movement but have been sung by many people.

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