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How do I download a ringtone to my phone? If you’ve ever scoured the Internet for free ringtones for your mobile phone, you’ve probably discovered that this job is not easy. Many websites download ringtones “labeled” for free, but when downloading, they know they are not completely free.

Some sites, when clicking on the download link, the user is redirected to a page full of ads, some require an account registration or a fee.

Note: iPhones and other iOS users cannot download ringtones directly to their phones and set them as ringtones.

This feature is only available on Android devices. If you are using an iPhone, you can still use the websites below, but you must first download it to your computer and use your computer to transfer the ringtone files to your phone or use the GarageBand application, see the article How to Create iPhone ringtones without iTunes, computer thanks to free GarageBand to know how to create ringtones on iPhone.

How do you call a ringtone?

Before we get down to the ringtone download process, you should know that a ringtone (or ring tone) is basically a short audio file that plays when a mobile phone receives incoming calls or messages. It’s not to be confused with caller tune, which is the sound that a caller hears when he/ she calls you.

Ringtone download

How to download ringtone mobile phone for free

In order to set your favourite ringtone on Android mobile phone for free, you will have to download it. There are plenty of options out there, but the ones we are recommending here include YouTube to MP3 converter and MP3 ringtones download portal.

Top 1 Best Ringtones Net – Mobile Ringtones Download Free MP3

Finding free ringtones through Best Ringtones Net is simple. You can search for a ringtone or you can sift through the trending items on the homepage to see the most popular ringtones they have to offer.

Best Ringtones Net
Best Ringtones Net

Use the play button to instantly preview the tone. If you like it, select its title to find the download page, where you can save the ringtone as an MP3.

Best Ringtones Net – Mobile ringtones download – best ringtones download. Mobile mp3 ringtones download free by Sung A Chin
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Top 2 MP3 Ringtones 888 Plus MP3 Ringtone Download

Much like these other mp3 ringtone sites, CellBeat lets you look through over a dozen categories to find your next favorite ringtone. A few of them include disco, blues, country, house, alternative, pop, rap, sexy, lounge, and Latin.

One unique feature of using this ringtone download site versus the others is that there are several details about each ringtone, including how many times it was viewed, its rating, who created it, how long it is, how big the file is, and more.

mp3 ringtones 888 plus
mp3 ringtones 888 plus

There are free ringtone downloads for both iPhone and Android. After you’ve listened to the ringtone to make sure it’s what you’re after, select either iPhone M4R or Android MP3.

The only downside with using CellBeat to download ringtones is that there are far too many ads. Be careful what you click.

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